Tips From Experts

Here you will find tips from some of the greatest Nitro Typists ever.

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“Don’t try to type too fast! It’s better if you type smooth, because your accuracy will increase and you will have fewer errors, making you faster. Also, try to adjust your speed to each text. If you find an easy text, type a little faster. If it’s hard, then slow down a bit.”

– [NTS]♜⁂TheKnight⁂♜



“When you are racing, try not to get pressured if people go in front of you to the point that you start messing up. If you want to avoid that, then scroll down so you can only see the text so you won’t get pressured by the other racers.”




“If you find a word that you find a little bit confusing or long, use one of your nitros. Your nitros are good for skipping long or confusing words.”

“If you want to type your fastest, make sure you sit up straight. If you slouch, then it will make it hard for you to type fast.”




“Do not look at your speedometer. If you think you are getting your high speed, it will excite and distract you, causing you to mess up and end with a slower speed.”




“When racing, don’t take your eyes off the screen or else you’ll get last place. Also, try to find a place where there are no distractions.”




“When you’re racing don’t try to type super fast thinking that moving your fingers at lightning speed will zoom you to the finish line. Yes, speedy fingers are good, but the truth is is that ACCURACY is the main factor for winning that race. Type accurately with a good balance of speedy fingering and you’ll be sure to win that race.

When you’re typing, try your upmost to stare at the screen and not your keyboard. DON’T LOOK AT THE KEYBOARD. Keep your eyes glued to that screen as often as you can. Yes, your accuracy is going to take a huge dive at first but you’ll be thanking me in the long run. I hope. You just wait and see how your accuracy and speed will shoot up after mastering that technique.”




From Melikepi’s Keyboarding Nook

“0-10 WPM (Novice)

Just try to concentrate on finding the letters quickly. Begin by remembering the Top Row (QWERTYUIOP) and Home Row (ASDFGHJKL;) and work from there, but a majority of the letters you type will be in the Home Rows and Top Rows.

11-20 WPM (Beginner)

Continue trying to remember the Home Row and Top Row. Get in more reps, and start trying to memorize the Bottom Row.

21-40 WPM (Average)

More reps always help. Also, at this level, try to start doing competitive typing. Nitro Type is a good site to practice your typing while providing competition.

41-70 WPM (Capable)

By now, most people think they’ve gone far enough. Keep doing competitive typing and practicing Home Row here and there! Also, practice Bottom Row keys, since those are the keys that appear about 30% of the time and are essential to boosting your WPM.

71-100 WPM (Semi-Pro)

Do more reps! And by the way, practice really helps at this level. You may find that your typing speed spikes up from here. Begin trying to remember how to type numbers and punctuation. Those will get your WPM down a lot if you don’t know how to type them.

101+ WPM (Professional)

This is the point at which I can’t really help you that much. This is where I’m at, and all I can say here is that it takes a lot of practice to keep going past that 100-wpm milestone.”




“1) Get the wrists up off the desk – I know that your arms get tired, and your accuracy goes down (this will go away with practice). Also, this provides the fingers with much easier movement, and makes numbers far easier, because your entire hand moves (my elbow moves forward and backward…)

2) Learn Touch Typing Properly – use Do the course from start to finish and learn the fingering until you at somewhere about 40 to 50 wpm. Then come to NT and burn the track. You’ll soon be in the 90s (I came to NT properly around July last year with 50 wpm and excellent touch typing skills).

3) Use music, but I don’t (forgive me for this) recommend the NT music. Use your own style, your personal favourites, which makes you feel more relaxed.

4) Aim for accuracy, aim for accuracy, aim for accuracy – your speed reflects your accuracy.”

– [TT]Beat_You_All➟



“The Wampus is a great guy that gives you an extra $50,000, and I have some tips and tricks for beating The Wampus and people in general.

Tip #1 Sit erect.

Tip #2 Use nitros if you have them. If you do, save them for long words or hard words or save them till the end of the race.

Tip #3 You could use nitros at the very beginning of the race and this will give you an advantage because you will be ahead and be typing the 4th word and they will still be on the 1st or 2nd but i would recommend to use them when someone is past you.”




“When doing a session, stretch once and a while to keep your blood flowing. This will give you more energy when racing and keeps your session active for a while.”

– Ω$$$LoveLife$$$Ω



“I would recommend using proper posture. It may feel weird at first, but eventually, it will feel natural and will benefit you.
If you feel like you can’t change your posture, here’s one thing you need to do.
I’m serious. I didn’t use it and I peaked at around 60 words per minute, which was high to me before. Now, when I use home row, I can easily reach 90 words per minute and go up to 100 occasionally. It’s definitely worth it to use Home Row.

One last thing before I leave: Don’t rage.”

– astronicus



“Here are some general tips that will help your accuracy and speed:
~Don’t look at the keyboard.
~Concentrate on the words, not the racers that may or may not be in front of you.
~Don’t look at your WPM because it breaks your concentration and makes you slower.
~User proper posture: Sit up strait, don’t cross your legs, and don’t leave your wrists on the table.
~Don’t worry as much about speed, work on accuracy so that once you get really good, it will make you really, really fast.”

– BeeBoy12



” NEVER EVER look at your speed or the track. Just look at the text, even if you do hear those fast keystrokes. Don’t care. Just keep racing at that constant speed. Keep in mind that nitros do not increase your speed, so if you’re typing fast during a race and you see a long word, a nitro is just going to keep your speed the same, or even bring down your speed.

Also, if you want to be an active racer, create a race plan. For example, maybe 20 races on weekdays and 100 races on weekends. Don’t push yourself, though. If you think 100 races is a long session, don’t do it.”

– #1337