Team Guide

All About Teams

Teams are an integral part of Nitro Type as they provide extra competition, versitality, and fun. Teams have a member limit of 50, enough to allow for a wide variety of racers.



Tips on joining a team

Are you teamless and searching for the just the right team to join? Try the teams search (which is on the Team page) where you can narrow it down to show only the teams with the requirements you’re looking for. If you can’t seem to find the right team, an excellent variety of active or fast teams can be found by viewing the teams scoreboard, where you can click on any team that interests you. Before joining a team, read the extra requirements if there are any. Many teams have more requirements than just level and speed, and you should make sure you understand them before submitting your application.



Don’t want to join a team but leaders keep inviting you to their teams?

On the team page to the very right, you’ll see


“Looking for a Team?

Enable “Looking for Team” mode to begin receiving invites from Team Officers.”


Set your preference to “Ignore Team Invites”. That way, it’s impossible for anyone to invite you to their team.



Tips on creating an active, competitive team

To create a team, you must be at level 20 and be willing to spend $5,000,000 in Nitro Type cash. If you are sure you’d like to be a team leader, think about how you’ll run your team, what you’ll call it, and what your team requirements will be. Once you have this all figured out and are ready to start, you can create your team. For an active but not necessarily fast team, follow the tips below.


1. The importance of low requirements for new teams cannot be stressed enough. Since they are brand new, basically no one knows about them. This is always my suggestion for just-formed teams: level 20 at the highest, and 40 WPM at the very highest. Much more than that, and your team will slowly gain members, probably about one every couple days or so, and thus your team will slowly crawl up the scoreboards likely at a slower rate than you expect. For a fast growing, frequently on the scoreboard team, the requirements should be very low, at about level 10 and 0 WPM until you have 30 or 40 members. Then slowly raise the level and/or speed requirements to 15, then 20, then 25 and so on until you’re comfortable with where it’s at.

Quick translation: The lower the requirments, the bigger and better the team. The higher the requirements, the less active, smaller and more unknown the team.


2. Invite teamless racers to your team by clicking on their profile, and then clicking the “Invite to Team” button next to the “Add Friend” button. Any racers you invited will receive a notification, telling them that you invited them to your team. Even if they don’t meet your team’s requirements, they can still join your team only if you invited them. This is a fantastic way to build a team, especially if you invite active racers from the scoreboards.


3. Make your team appealing to teamless players. This includes the tag, name, and especially the team description.


4. Be active on the News and the track, so that more people will see you, and hopefully check out your team.


5. Once your team gets well known and active, rewards work really well as a motivation to the current team members, and people seeking a rewarding team. Rewards can be things like “Racer of the Week”, or handing out cash to your most active team members.



Many team owners simply create their team and check in every few days to accept new members. If you follow all these steps but aren’t very active yourself, your team will still do OK. However, if you’re very active, and follow these steps, your team should do great.



Tips on managing an active team

If you want your team to dominate the scoreboards, you must actively, consistently, and intelligently manage your team. This means signing on every day, or better yet multiple times per day, to check on your team, and communicate with people on the Nitro Type News. Almost every team in the top 10 have leaders who do all this, or have done this. Managing one of the of top teams in the game is fairly easy, but quite time consuming. Keep this in mind as well. Managing your team will take lots of time away from racing, and daily life.


One thing you can do as a team leader that will help cut down the amount of time you spend managing your team, is to appoint team Officers. On your team page, click the ⚙ icon next to the racer, and click “Promote to Officer”. This will allow them to accept members onto your team, invite players, and update the MotD.


The MotD, or “Message of the Day” feature allows you or your team Officers to tell your team members more about your team. It has a limit of 400 characters, which should be enough space to let you say what you need to say. You can only update/edit the MotD once every hour, so make sure you like what it says before posting it! Although this MotD is private to your team, it maintains the same rules as posting on the news, and abuse or inappropriate posts will be removed, and the poster will be warned or banned.


Possibly the best way to create a super-active team is to invite teamless racers from the activity scoreboards. They’ll no doubt be very good team members, and help your team dominate the scoreboards. When you invite racers to your team, you don’t even have to accept an application, so you may sign on one day to find your team has a few new racers whom you or one of your team Officers invited.


You may want to check the profiles of the people who apply to your team, to see how active they are. This information can be found at the bottom of their profiles. For the most reliable guage of their activity, look at how many races they’ve done in the last 7 days.  Here is a guideline for how active they really are:

0 races in the last 7 days: Very inactive, not worth accepting to your team.

10 races in the last 7 days: Pretty inactive, 1 or 2 races a day. Probably not worth accepting to your team, but then again, if everyone on your team was that active, you’re team would have about 70 races a day, which is fairly good.

20-60 races in the last 7 days: About average, they will help your team out a little.

70-100 races in the last 7 days: Well above average, they will really help your team be active.

100-150 races in the last 7 days: Definitely accept them. These racers will be a great help, and probably be among your most active members.

150+ races in the last 7 days: It is quite rare to find someone this active, and if they apply to your team, accept them fast!


Once your team has 50 members, you’ll want to remove the least active of them to make room for new people. Choose the one or two least active members, and remove them by clicking on the gear button to the far right, and then clicking on the “Remove from Team” button. Some people hate deleting members and just leave their team at 50 members. This can go in your favor if those inactive members suddenly start racing, but more often than not leaving inactive members on your team will hurt your team’s activity.


You still can have a pretty active team without actively managing it, but don’t expect it to rapidly climb the scoreboards. Most team captains manage their teams without the help of the Nitro Type News or rewards, and simply communicate to their team mates through the team description or the Message of the Day. If you don’t want to use up much time managing your team, then this is the right way for you as well.



Tips on starting and managing a fast team

Managing a fast team is far easier than an active team. Pretty much all you have to do is set your speed requirement high, and your level requirement should be quite low. There aren’t many super-fast typists at higher levels, so my suggestion is to have the level requirement at 0, and the speed requirement is entirely up to you. Most of the fast teams have their speed requirement anywhere between 90 and 110 WPM.


Don’t expect your team to gain members very quickly, since there are very few fast typists. Most teams with high speed requirements have anywhere between 1 and 25 members.


I recommend not removing inactive members from your fast team, since it is unlikely that your team will ever have 50 members.