Racing Guide

Below you will learn about the many aspects of racing on Nitro Type. This will include tips on doing race sessions, tips on racing with friends, and basically everything you want to know about racing on Nitro Type. This will also include explanations on “Nitro Type Bots”, session and accuracy bonuses, and more.


Racing gains you lots of NT cash quickly, along with experience points. The better your place at the end of a race, the more cash and exp. points you earn. Cash is used to buy cars, nitros, teams, or even to give to friends or team mates, while exp. points are what make you level up. The more races you complete, the more achievements you’ll earn. For example, on the “Achievements” page in the “King of the Race” section, you will find many cars which can be achieved by doing a large amount of races.



All about Nitro Type Bots

Nitro Type bots are basically robotic opponents, programmed to race at about your speed. Because they are computerized, you’ll find that their accuracy reads N/A, that they never use nitros, and that they all have the title “Nitro Type Bot”. They are there for a good reason: to provide you competition when there are no real racers racing in your speed range. Without them, races could take a very long time to load – even hours for uber-fast typers. Including The Wampus, there are 17 Nitro Type bots.

All about The Wampus

Unlike the other NT bots, The Wampus is an elusive rodent that appears on the track when you least expect it. If you beat it, you earn an extra $50,000 at the end of the race!


Tips on racing The Wampus

Stay calm. Stay focused. People usually get really nervous when The Wampus shows up, so take a few deep breaths and focus on winning the race, and not on the other racers. Use three nitros to help you win if it’s a hard text, and sometimes even on easy texts if you find that you are struggling to keep ahead of The Wampus. Above all, do not let your fingers type so fast that you begin to make mistakes, and always pay attention to hitting the keys accurately. If you follow these tips, more often than not you will beat The Wampus and become a better typist!



What are session and accuracy bonuses?

Session bonuses are added to your race earnings starting when you complete your 10th session race. On that race, you will earn an extra $100 in Nitro Type cash. Every race after that, you will get an extra $10, until you hit your 100th session race. From then on, you will simply earn an extra $1,000 per race.


Accuracy bonuses are added to your race earnings only if you have an accuracy of 97% or higher. For 97% accuracy, you will earn an extra $50 in Nitro Type cash. For 98% accuracy, you will earn an extra $100. For 99% accuracy, you will earn an extra $150. And for 100% accuracy, you will earn an extra $250! Accuracy really does pay off when it comes to these sweet bonuses!



Tips on doing a long race session

Before even attempting a long race session, you have to know that sessions expire after 30 minutes. Keep this in mind when planning a session. Once you’re ready to start trying sessions, start doing smaller sessions to familiarize yourself with racing for a stretch of time. I recommend doing 20-50 race sessions to start out with. Once you get used to racing for that long, move on to 100 race sessions. As you do these sessions, you will find certain things that help you to focus and stay motivated. Most people listen to music while racing, so that may help you as well. Also recommended, is to have some food and drink next to you, and to take a quick break every 50 races to stretch, touch your toes, and walk around a bit. When you know you are ready, you can attempt a long session. Since you have familiarized yourself with 50 and 100 race sessions, you will have a better understanding of what to expect. Pick a day and time that you won’t have to pause for things like company, shopping, or chores, and estimate how long it will take you to complete your session. 100 race sessions take about 2 hours and 10 minutes, 200 race sessions can take nearly 5 hours, and 300 race sessions can take you 7-8 hours. The current longest session ever, 1,838 races, took about 3 days to complete. So no, sessions aren’t easy or quick. They take a LOT of time. But in the end, you’ll have gained achievements, and even fame if your session is really long (400+ races).


Important note

Do not attempt a session at a speed much lower than your average, unless you are either injured (such as typing with one hand instead of both), learning a new keyboard layout, or using equipment that you’re not used to or can’t type fast on. People lose respect for those who lower their speeds to finish a session quicker, and some even consider them cheaters. If, however, you complete your long session at your normal speed or at least very close to your normal speed, you will gain respect from everyone for your accomplishment.



All about friend races

 Friend races allow you to race against your Nitro Type friends, no matter their speed. There is a link on your garage and your friends page which you can click on, and it will place you in your friends race. Above the track, there is a grey button that says “Invite Your Friends”. Click on that button, and it will show you all of your online friends. Click on each one individually so that there is a red border around them, and then click the “Send Invites” button. Each of your friends that you invited will receive a message telling them that you have invited them to a friends race, and they will have the option to either ignore it, or join. Those who join will pull into the track below you, and a box will appear where you can chat with each other by choosing from a variety of canned-responses. Once you are ready to race, click the red button above the track that says “Start Race”. At the end of the race, clicking the “Race Again” button will bring you to your friends race, and not a normal race. Pressing the ENTER key will do the same.



Tips on doing friend races

When viewing possible responses on the friends race chat, there is a search bar that you can type a word or phrase into, to find what you want to say. You are limited though, so don’t expect to find everything you’re looking for. If you would like a better understanding of what is available to say, simply scroll through all the possible responses. You may find some phrases you never even knew about!