News Guide

The Nitro Type News is there to notify users of changes to the site. People can comment on the News posts, which is currently the only way to communicate with other people on the site. Not just anyone can comment on the News though; you have to be at least level 20 to do so.


Tips on communicating through the News

As of now, News comments don’t have to be relevant to the topic. However, this does not mean you may simply go spam the News page, which can result in your commenting privileges getting revoked. Instead, it means that you can talk about achievements you’ve earned (on Nitro Type), talk with others about races you did together, and basically anything that has to do with Nitro Type.
You are not allowed to advertise on the News, unless it’s about something within the Nitro Type site, such as your team.

Do not double post on the News. Use the edit button if you need to post again right after you have already posted.

Do not ever give out personal information such as your age, name, phone number, email, etc. Your posts will be deleted immediately, because of safety issues. You never know who views the News page – even non-members can view it.

Keep in mind, the entire world can view your News comments. With this knowledge, always review any comment that you’re about to post, and make sure you’re okay with anyone seeing it.

Always try to be kind to others. No one likes to receive a negative comment, so if you feel like saying something negative, think again. People will lose respect for those who post negative things, but gain respect for those who are positive, friendly, and helpful. Keep this in mind while commenting.

Try to answer people’s questions. There are many opportunities to share your knowledge and help others at the same time, so keep your eyes open for questions, and answer them if you can.