Update: this website is now run by ₪ŴŐĻḞ₪, ②Muɔɥ②§↻↻∩’s younger brother. I’m excited to take on this role and make this site even more awesome.

Hey everyone, my name is Ian. I’m known on Nitro Type as ②Muɔɥ②§↻↻∩, leader of Nitro Type Dream Team.

I enjoy helping others have a better experience on Nitro Type. Thus, I created this website as a guide for every Nitro Typer, from veteran to newbie.

I will walk you through the many ways to make the most out of your time spent on Nitro Type. I will be covering topics such as how to start and manage a successful team, how to attain the many hidden achievements, and more. Plus, I will give professional tips on topics ranging from how to type faster, tips on getting a long race session done, and to proper etiquette when commenting on the Nitro Type News.

I hope you find this guide helpful and beneficial to your Nitro Type career. See you on the track!

– [NTDT]②Muɔɥ②§↻↻∩